Valentine's Day Love Story Chocolate Hearts Collection

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New for Valentine's Day 2023! Each love story is truly unique. An untold classic. Whether your love is adventurous, misunderstood, intensely passionate, or comfortably classic- it deserves to be celebrated. Tell your own legendary love story with our new collection of heart-shaped chocolate bonbons.

Each flavor is inspired by a different love story. Includes Strawberries + Cream, Lavender, Dark Milk, Toasted Coconut Pecan, Raspberry Rosé, Passion Fruit, Créme Brulée, and Cinnamon Hazelnut Praline.

See below for flavor descriptions!

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These heart-shaped chocolates are larger than our signature bonbons and come packaged in our red, gold, and blush boxes, tied with red ribbon. Flavors inside include:

CREME BRULEE : white chocolate vanilla ganache topped with burnt sugar

STRAWBERRIES + CREAM: strawberry pâte de fruit with vanilla cream ganache

DARK MILK: a blended ganache of dark and milk chocolate

TOASTED COCONUT PECAN: candied pecan praline topped with toasted coconut caramel

PASSION FRUIT: tart tropical passion fruit caramel

RASPBERRY ROSÉ: raspberry pâte de fruit with white chocolate rosé ganache

CINNAMON HAZELNUT PRALINE: roasted hazelnut praline with royal cinnamon

LAVENDER: local Kansas-grown lavender infused in buttery caramel

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