This is the current collection of flavors that our chocolatiers are making. These flavors make up what we call our Signature Collections. The chocolates can be purchased in 4-piece, 8-piece, 16-piece, 24-piece, 36-piece, and 48-piece boxes.

Aztec Spice

caramel infused with chiles, spices, and cinnamon

Belize 70%

dark chocolate ganache made with cacao from Belize

Butterscotch Bourbon

brown sugar caramel infused with Kentucky bourbon

Calamansi Mandarin

smooth caramel blended with calamansi and mandarin orange

Caramel Latte

caramelized white chocolate ganache with ground espresso

Caramel Pecan

salted caramel with candied pecan praline


milk chocolate ganache blended with French Champagne

Toasted Coconut

caramel made with coconut puree and toasted coconut

Earl Grey Tea

milk chocolate ganache with Earl Grey tea from Hugo Tea Co.

Fleur de Sel

caramel infused with grey French sea salt

Ghana 68%

single-origin dark chocolate ganache made with cacao from Ghana

Hazelnut Caramel

salted caramel blended with smooth hazelnut praline


silky caramel infused with French lavender

Fresh Lemon

fresh lemon marmalade and lemon-infused white chocolate ganache

Lime Vanilla

caramel infused with freshed lime juice and vanilla bean

Macadamia Praline

caramelized macadamia nuts blended with milk chocolate

Ecuador 73%

ganache made with our small batch craft chocolate using cacao grown in Ecuador

Passion Fruit

smooth caramel blended with tropical passion fruit


raspberry pate de fruit topped with dark chocolate raspberry ganache


buttery caramel infused with fresh rosemary

Rum Caramel

buttery caramel spiked with dark rum

Strawberry Balsamic

caramel made with strawberries and aged balsamic vinegar

Vanilla Bean

caramel infused with Madagascar vanilla beans

Vietnamese Cinnamon

dark chocolate ganache infused with Vietnamese cinnamon