Halloween 17 Piece Chocolate Assortment

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NEW 17 Piece Halloween Chocolate Assortment. Flavors include Lemon-Lime, Pumpkin, Vanilla Bean, Hot Cinnamon, Sour Apple, Orange Cream, Fleur de Sel Caramel, and Raspberry Caramel. Ribbon will be selected at random from orange satin or black and white stripe. See below for full flavor descriptions!

Gluten-free. Contains dairy.

Each round gift box contains 17 chocolate bonbons and is tied with either orange satin ribbon or black and white striped ribbon.

Flavor descriptions:

Lemon-Lime - Wickedly delicious lemon-lime caramel inside a dark as night chocolate shell.

Pumpkin - Devilishly delectable pumpkin spice caramel trapped inside a dark chocolate shell.

Vanilla Bean - Our screamingly popular caramel infused with vanilla beans in a hypnotizing dark chocolate shell.

Hot Cinnamon - A tongue-tingling red hot (but not too hot) cinnamon caramel entombed in dark chocolate.

Sour Apple - Super tart apple caramel balanced by a sweet but terrifying white chocolate shell.

Orange Cream - Orange and vanilla blended into a silky smooth caramel that oozes from a white chocolate shell.

Fleur de Sel - Smooth, buttery caramel infused with French grey sea salt and possessed by a dark chocolate shell. A hauntingly familiar favorite.

Raspberry - Monstrously delicious raspberry caramel buried inside a dark chocolate shell.


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