Chris's Creations

From a young age, Christopher Elbow was drawn to the culinary arts, watching cooking shows while other kids watched cartoons. During a class trip to France at 16, Christopher became mesmerized with pâtissiers hand-crafting pastries and chocolates using traditional methods while incorporating their own unique features. The self taught Elbow went on to apprentice and work with many high level chefs around the country until the pastry chef position at The American Restaurant in Kansas City launched his venture into artisanal chocolates in 2003.

Christopher’s chocolates are now sold online and in over 20 retailers nationwide, including two Christopher Elbow stores, one in Kansas City, his base of operations, and a satellite location in San Francisco. Christopher Elbow’s confections have been met with great enthusiasm and rave reviews all over the country ranging from Oprah to Food & Wine magazine. His innovative approach doesn’t stop at chocolate though. Christopher also entices taste buds with ice cream and drinking chocolates, putting his signature spin on conventional treats forever altering experiences as well as expectations of these classics.

The European process that captivated Elbow as a teen is fundamental to his success today. In keeping with the European tradition, chocolatiers working with Christopher undergo a thorough apprenticeship, perfecting simple tasks before graduating to the more complex. And despite ever increasing demand for his chocolate, Christopher insists on hand crafting small batches rather than mechanizing his operation to increase production. He and his staff work six days a week, often 12-15 hour days to produce 50-60 thousand chocolates weekly. Hand making chocolates in this rigorous way insures the superb standard of freshness and flavor synonymous with Christopher Elbow chocolates. This is the inspired world of Christopher Elbow: modern culinary artistry uniting with traditional hand craftsmanship.